Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Organizing Clear and Wood Mount Sets

This morning I did some more organizing with my stamps along with Wendy Smedley, Organization Coach and Ella Publishing's Spring Training 2012. Today's exercise was to work with the Keep Pile that I created yesterday and consider different ways to organize it. I normally organize my stamps by theme and holiday like flowers, Christmas, birthday and sentiments.  This time I decided to try something different since my stash was considerably less than normal after all of the purging. I always separate my stamps by Clear Mount and Wood Mount for shelving purposes. I created a shelf using an embellished photo box and shoe box lined with Greenhouse Gala Designer Series Paper which I just screwed into the wall. This way I can read the title of the stamp set. I organized the Clear Mount sets alphabetically. For wood mount sets, I always put the sticker label facing the same way on the box, in the front left, with the lid opening like a book. I organized these by box shape. That probably doesn't seem like it makes much sense, but it's easier for me when I rummage through the sets, to just stack them back on the shelf when I've found the one I want to use. Please leave a comment.  I'd love to hear how you organize your stamp sets. Do you keep wood and clear together?

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  1. Last time I reorganized by catalog category. I really liked it. I think I'll do it again. I still hang them in the clear shoe bags because I'm visual. I need to see them. Yes, I keep the wood and the clear together... in the shoe bag. The label is on top so I can see the set and the label.


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