Monday, April 23, 2012

Going, going, gone!

Hundreds of Stampin' Up! stamps are retiring and this is your last chance to get them before they're gone. You can check the RETIRED LIST HERE and order before May 31st at
Thanks to some motivation from Ella Publishing's Spring Training 2012 and Organization Coach, Wendy Smedley, I just completed the task of organizing my stamps. It's hard to say goodbye, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to saying hello to some new friends on June 1st when the new Stampin' Up! catalog comes out.
This is how I said goodbye. . . The first step is to DUMP and sort. I dumped all of my stamps out on the bed and sorted them alphabetically.
I started out with 114 Stampin' Up! Stamp Sets.

The second step is to PURGE. Using the Retired List, I went through and separated the sets that were retiring from the sets that were carrying over. I ended up with 35 sets that are carrying over and 79 sets that are retiring.

Last, I SORTED the stamps into four categories:
1.) KEEP - These are the 35 stamp sets that I am keeping that are carrying over.
35 out of 114 are keepers!
2.) SHORT TERM STORAGE: These are sets that are retiring, but they aren't gone yet, so I'm keeping them to use at stamp club next month and demonstrate. This pile also has some sets that I like, and I can't decide if I want to keep them long term or not, so I will re-evaluate them in a few months.
Short Term Storage Pile (not quite willing to part with these yet).

3.) FILE AWAY: These are sets that will be retiring, but I am keeping them in a separate area,  away from my current stamps that I use for workshops .I usually keep the font and alphabet sets for monogram cards or scrapbooking page titles. I'm a font collector.
Filed away for personal use.
4.) TOSS: These are sets that I will sell, donate or swap when the new catalog comes out.
Goodbye my friends!
It's not too late to take Spring Training 2012 with me. I feel like I had a productive morning!

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