Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Training 2012 - Purging and Sorting Supplies

Today I'm participating in a LIVE online event with Ella Publishing called, Spring Training 2012. I'll get inspiration from 5 expert scrapbook coaches and training exercises over the course of two weeks. Each day, I will participate in daily challenges and blog about it. Today's exercise is all about organization with Wendy Smedley, Organization Coach on purging and sorting supplies. It's not too late to sign up if you'd like to play along with me. Dedicate just 20-40 minutes a day to “power crafting” for the next two weeks, and you’ll walk away with ideas and inspiration that will keep you motivated long-term. At the end of this event, Ella guarantees that you’ll enjoy a more organized scrapbook space, refined photography skills, 12 completed projects, and concrete ideas for at least 33 more.

This couldn't be better timing for me since Stampin' Up! released the Retired List. So, I'll be working on organizing my stamps this morning. I'm going to start with 5 Piles and label them: 
1. KEEP:  these will be my CURRENT stamps that are NOT retiring on June 1st.
2. SHORT TERM STORAGE: these will will be stamps that are retiring from my previously current stash, but I still need them. These will be a few sets that I will demonstrate at May's stamp club as a "get them before they are gone" promotion.
3. TOSS: Toss out stamps!! NEVER!!! My toss pile is actually going to be a GARAGE SALE pile. 
4. FILE AWAY: This pile will include previously retired stamp sets that I am keeping because I love them and I can't live without them. This pile is really really big.

Check back for a photo of my Keep Pile. This is where the creativity happens:

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  1. What a sweet looking craft area! And I just love the lamp with all it's extra daisies!
    Helen -- Firenze Cards


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